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The Asti Imperfect Cigar Humidor

  • The Asti Imperfect Cigar Humidor
    The Asti Imperfect Cigar Humidor
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    You must think we are totally nuts? How the hell can we offer a 15 cigar humidor, with a humidifier for less than $25.00. The answer is simple my friends, we ARE totally nuts. This box is really great. If you are looking for a gift, want to store a few cigars for a trip, or are just starting out, then get this box. You really won't be disapointed. By imperfect we mean: nicks, dings, chips, scratches, or dents, engraving on the item, missing handle(s), tray(s), key, latches, accessory drawer(s), divider(s), mounting hardware, leg(s), etc. All imperfect humidors will still maintain a seal. We do not note the specific imperfection of each humidor; therefore phone operators do not have access to this information. Coupon codes cannot be used for imperfect humidors.


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