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Humidor 101


Humidors – Optimal Temperature and Humidity:

  • Temperature:
    • Keep the temperature between 60˚ and 70˚ Fahrenheit.
  • Humidity:      
    • 70% is the ideal humidity. Between 65% and 75% humidity will work well too. 

Humidors – Set Up and Proper Care

  • Before storing your cigars, make sure to follow these steps:
    • Wet a sponge with distilled water.
    • With the wet sponge, wipe down the cedar interior of your humidor.
    • Make sure there is no standing water in your humidor
    • Place the damp sponge on a piece of plastic and sit it at the bottom of the humidor
    • Let the sponge sit for 24 hours.
    • Check the sponge for moisture. If the sponge is dry, add more water and place in the humidor for another 24 hours.
    • If the sponge is wet, this means that the cedar has absorbed all of the moisture that it needs.
    • Check the humidity in your humidor using the hygrometer.
    • Once the hygrometer gives you a reading of 70% humidity (+/- 5%), you are good to go.
    • Store your cigars with confidence is your humidor.
    • Check the humidity levels from time to time.
    • When the humidity level dips below 65%, make sure to add more distilled water to the humidification device.